Sections of Planet Witzend will contain Shônen-ai/Boy's Love and Yaoi fanart and fanfiction intended for an adult, mature and responsible audience. Homosexual themes, romance, and relationships are featured, sometimes in graphic sexual situations.

Yaoi contains explicit and graphic homosexual sex/relationships. It can be touchingly sweet or hardcore badass.
Shônen-ai/Boy's Love is a romantic story between two males and may contain lighter themes, soft kisses, longing looks and occasionally a bucketload of sap.

Each image and story will be marked with a rating so you can avoid those you do not wish to view.

You can read more about the definition and explanation of Yaoi at the Yaoicon website.

If this type of content offends you, make use of your back button and please leave. Your close-mindedness will not be tolerated and all flames will either be promptly ignored and deleted OR posted in the Hall of Shame section, with email addresses attached, so other members of the large yaoi fan community can point and laugh at you.

By entering this site you are saying you are mature person responsible for your own actions, you accept alternative lifestyles with an open mind, with no feelings of disgust and you will not take offense to images or stories of two or more males engaged in rumpy-pumpy. By clicking on the Radittzu drawing on this page you are stating you have read and fully understand this warning and are entering voluntarily with regard to what has been stated.

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